Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yarn rewards: The last of Leah's Koigu stash

I am knitting with some of Stefanie's handspun yarn right now, and it is delicious. Check it out:

There's beautiful handspun still available as Kickstarter rewards!

Ok ok, here's that Koigu I was telling you about. This is the last of my Koigu that is unwound! Please give it a good home.

Koigu Bundle 2, mermaid edition - 500g, aka my favorites:

Kersti, 3 skeins, colors:
  • 1000 (bright blue) 
  • 2405 (grays) 
  • 2392 (gorgeous taupe)
KPPPM, 7 skeins total. 
  • 4 skeins color 518 (green/teal/gray/mauve/purple/chartreuse)
  • 2 skeins color 412 (blues/greens/teals)
  • 1 skein color 850 (bright turquoise blues, clear aqua, deep blues, periwinkle)
Comes in a Logo bag, and of course includes the Great Northern print and ebooks!


Remember, I am happy to re-group a reward together for you! Thanks to all who've contacted me so far, you all are amazing.

Email me at leah.cs at gmail, or tweet @rubysubmarine. 

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