Thursday, August 23, 2018

Checking in about Shipping Great Northern

Shipping the book went smoothly these past months for the most part, but we have had two people receive empty envelopes (aaaaaah!), which means that the seal on the mailing flats I used have not entirely done their job. If anyone else did not receive their book, or just got an empty envelope, PLEASE email me and let me know.
For our non-US customers, you should have received an email from me notifying you of an increase in shipping rates and our inability to cover all the shipping costs as we originally intended. This is a huge regret of mine and I am so sorry. If you have not responded yet and worked out the shipping with me, please email me and let me know if you’d still like the physical book or if you are ok with just the ebook. I apologize again that this is the way it has to happen. For Canadian folks, the cost I am asking you to cover is $12, for European and other continents, $22. This is not the full cost to ship a book internationally, I am still covering some of the cost, but this will help me avoid going into more debt on this project. I appreciate those of you who have already paid (and in some cases intentionally overpaid!) so that I could ship the book far and wide.
Thank you all again for your patience! It has been so fun to see the books arriving on social media and see the projects you are excited about making this fall (or sooner)… keep in touch and happy knitting!

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