Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Floaty mohair perfection - Parfait Scarf(ait) pattern

I am an intermittent blogger. What we have here is an overdue post on Parfait Scarf(ait), a "new" pattern (shhh let's pretend it's not almost a year old) that I adore. It has come in really handy during this Chicago-Winter-From-The-Frozen-Depths-Of-Hell.

Los Angeles flashback photos! This is NOT my Chicago winter wardrobe.

Parfait has 3 keyholes, so there are many ways to wear it. I like options, what can I say!

About the yarn: how good is Shibui silk cloud?

So good.

It's the finest, silkiest silk/mohair blend I've encountered. Gorgeous sheen, super soft mohair (not too fuzzy and not itchy), I am a serious convert after years of using another hazy silk/mohair blend that shall remain nameless for now. It's the one from the British company named after a tree.

Parfait Scarf(ait) pattern PDF

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