Thursday, October 8, 2015


The countdown ends tomorrow, Friday October 9th at 11pm CST!

Tell your friends and snag the last rewards while they're still there!!!

There are currently only 7 logo bags left at the $32 level, which includes the print book and ebook.

Some other amazing remaining rewards:

Sweatshop of Love Kit/Project Bag - $40

Handspun Merino Yarn - $67

Handknit fingerless gloves, Blue $45, Purple $55, Kid's red $35

Holla Knits Magazine 1 Year Subscription, $55

... and more. Teresa and I have both committed to knit hat, scarves and sweaters for backers at higher levels!

I am happy to combine rewards if you want more than one thing! Email Leah.cs (at gmail dot com).

We're so close! Help us get to 100% and get all your goodies!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Teresa's Log Lady sweater is done!!!

Did you see that Teresa posted her first completed sweater for Great Northern? Meet Cherry Pie.

This gorgeous colorwork cardigan is one of the designs for our collection! Read all about it on Teresa's blog!

Oh, and only 2 MORE DAYS to back us on Kickstarter!!! We are currently at 86% -- so close!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yarn rewards: The last of Leah's Koigu stash

I am knitting with some of Stefanie's handspun yarn right now, and it is delicious. Check it out:

There's beautiful handspun still available as Kickstarter rewards!

Ok ok, here's that Koigu I was telling you about. This is the last of my Koigu that is unwound! Please give it a good home.

Koigu Bundle 2, mermaid edition - 500g, aka my favorites:

Kersti, 3 skeins, colors:
  • 1000 (bright blue) 
  • 2405 (grays) 
  • 2392 (gorgeous taupe)
KPPPM, 7 skeins total. 
  • 4 skeins color 518 (green/teal/gray/mauve/purple/chartreuse)
  • 2 skeins color 412 (blues/greens/teals)
  • 1 skein color 850 (bright turquoise blues, clear aqua, deep blues, periwinkle)
Comes in a Logo bag, and of course includes the Great Northern print and ebooks!


Remember, I am happy to re-group a reward together for you! Thanks to all who've contacted me so far, you all are amazing.

Email me at leah.cs at gmail, or tweet @rubysubmarine. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Handspun Yarn from Handmade By Stefanie!

My friend Stefanie is, among many other kick-ass things, an amazing spinner. Today I got to look through her bin of handspun yarn while drinking home-brewed beer... not a bad Thursday, let me tell you!

Stefanie has generously offered up some of her beautiful handspun yarn as incentives for our Kickstarter! Check them out below. Can you believe it?? They're so gorgeous.

Handspun 1, Pink and Blue/Gold - 288g: 

  • One skein of Chunky weight Blue/Gold: 75% BFL + Organic Polwarth + 25% Mulberry Silk, 128 yards, opposing ply (kinky texture!)
  • One skein of Aran weight Pinks/Mauves: Mystery fiber, super soft and lovely, 95 yards.
  • Both are so gorgeous it hurts
  • $75

Handspun 2, Natural and Natural/Red/White Marl - 238g: 

  • One skein of Chunky weight Natural: 100% Romney, 106 yards.
  • One skein of Aran weight Natural/Reds/Whites: 50% Jacob, 50% mixed fiber, 95 yards
  • Beautiful and rustic
  • $70

Handspun 3, Super soft merino Gray and Green - 180g

  • One skein of Aran Weight Green 100% Merino, 100 yards
  • One skein of Aran Weight Gray 100% Merino, 95 yards
  • These are begging to be used together in a magical project
  • $68

Handspun 4, Big Blue - 210 g

  • One big skein of Worsted weight Louet Northern Lights multi blues, 258 yards.
  • Striking, and could definitely work for a more masculine project
  • $54

Also donated by Stefanie, although not handspun:
A beautiful Erin Lane drawstring project bag with goodies (350g of yarn):

  • One skein of heavenly soft KnitPicks Diadem Fingering (50% Alpaca 50% Mulberry Silk) in "Diamond" (white)
  • One skein Cascade Heritage sock yarn in 5642 (red)
  • One skein Cascade Heritage sock yarn in 5638 (brown)
  • One ball of Knitcircus Yarns Greatest of Ease gradient in color: Chocolate + flowers dip dye
  • Chic-a Gadget tray with snaps
  • Erin Lane drawstring project bag in abstract red/white/black flower print
  • $105

If you've already pledged to our Kickstarter and you want something you see above, never fear! I am happy to bundle together whichever prizes you'd like.

Email me (rubysubmarine at gmail) or tweet me (@rubysubmarine). Let's get this thing funded so you can receive all the goodies!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

EVEN MORE YARN! Great Northern Kickstarter Rewards

You asked for it! More of my precious, beautiful stash is up for grabs!!! You can upgrade your pledge any time before October 9th, nothing is charged until (if?) the Kickstarter is funded.

Koigu KPPPM, 250g:

Color 821, teals/black/gray. $75

Multicolor Pretties - 530g:

  • Pigeon Roof Studios Fingering weight in Indigo Ink - 100g
  • madelinetosh Merino Light in Opaline - 100g
  • Berroco Seduce (2 skeins) in olive/aqua - 80g total
  • Mountain Meadow Wool Powell in Fern (4 ply worsted) - 100g
  • Artyarns Ultramerino4 in color 234 (sagey green) - 50g
  • Artyarns Beaded Silk in color 133s (springy light green w/ silver beads) - 50g
  • Manos Serena in Zinnia - 50g
  • Comes in a handpainted red/gray logo bag!
  • $120

Sunset Jewels - the good stuff, oh man. This kinda hurts. 500g:

  • The Fibre Company Road to China in Citrine - 50g
  • The Fibre Company Road to China in Ruby - 50g
  • Classic Elite Lush (2 skeins) in 4466 (peach, oh my god I love this yarn) - 100g total
  • Koigu Kersti in 2180 (marigold yellow) - 50g
  • Koigu Kersti Multi (4 skeins) in 4256 (navy, blue, peach, mauve, gray) - 200g total
  • Alchemy Yarns Synchronicity in Texas Bluebonnet - 50g
  • Comes in a handpainted red/gray logo bag!
  • $150

Blues and Greens - 400g:

  • Manos Silk Blend Multi in Stellar - 50g
  • Manos Silk Blend Multi in Mermaid - 50g
  • Colinette Cadenza in Dusk - 50g
  • Noro Cash Iroha in color 129 (emerald) - 50g
  • Cascade Alpaca Lace Paints in color 9788 (ocean blues) - 50g
  • Koigu KPPPM in color 529 (blue/green) - 50g
  • Mountain Colors Winter Lace in Chinook (green/blue/wheat) - 100g
  • Comes in a handpainted red/gray logo bag!
  • $100

Ewe So Sporty - 250g:

5 balls of Ewe Ewe Yarns soft sportweight in Cotton Candy. $50

Noro Kureyon -300g:

6 balls of Kureyon in color 74 (turquoise, teal, purple, fuchsia) - 300g. $49
See them here.

Don't forget about THESE tote bags! They are a little bigger than the logo bags.

Listed under "Yarn cloud project bag" at $32.

Happy hunting! We're getting there, just passed 50% funded! Please share so we don't lose it all. Thanks, pals.

YarnTalk Episode 10 - Meet Heidi, Runaway Sheep, and Knit 1 Chicago!

A new YarnTalk drops today! Oh yeah, I do other things besides Great Northern!

Remember me?

In Episode 10:

  • I interview Heidi about her work (my first interview!!!! Sorry, Heidi)
  • Heidi talks about the sheep in the news lately who escaped shearing for long periods of time 
  • Allyson interviews Lynn at Knit 1, my favorite Chicago yarn shop!

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 Days Left on our Kickstarter!

What can you do to help us get the book printed? Well, I'm so glad you asked!! Thank you!

1. Donate to the Kickstarter, if you haven't already. You can upgrade your pledge later if you see a reward you like! 

2. Share the project on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, tumblr, website, carrier pigeon service, etc. Grab the image on this post and spread it around! Share our Kickstarter link! Hashtag GreatNorthernKnits! 

3. Tell your friends, in person. People who like printed books, people who knit, people who like cult TV shows, vintage wardrobe lovers... or anyone who wants us to make them a beautiful sweater.

What do you get out of this? Besides the amazing rewards, of course...
If all goes well, we will have a beautiful, well-designed book with many professionally edited patterns and a fantastic story in photography, and you can hold it in your hands, take it home with you, knit from it, and it will bring you much joy!

We have 10 days left.