Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Coming Soon: Vintage Yarn Rewards

More crazy prizes for our Kickstarter, which will launch in early September. Coming soon: all the deets on these amazing, pristine yarn bundles!

The tags are like something out of Labyrinth

I have no idea what this is. It's giant and it will be yours for $5 plus shipping

This stuff is gorgeous

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Great Northern has a Ravelry Group!

Are you a member of our Great Northern Ravelry group yet?

Stop on by to discuss your favorite characters (I'm having trouble narrowing it down, as you will see), and check out what else is new. Maybe don't drink the coffee, yet.

YarnTalk Episode 5! Brioche, Courtney Spainhower, and An Inspiring Story

YarnTalk Episode 5 is up! We're talking about the brioche trend (it's everywhere, has been for a year or so, and is hopefully not going anywhere!), Allyson interviews Courtney Spainhower aka PinkBrutusKnits, and Heidi tells us about Gregory Patrick, a man who knit his way out of homelessness.

Of course, there's a pet photobomb! Courtney's adorable rat makes an appearance.

(And at the end you can see Heidi being a naughty angel on Allyson's shoulder)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Great Northern: Needle Set from Knitter's Pride!

One of our fabulous rewards for our Kickstarter campaign will be a Bamboo Special Interchangeable Needle set from Knitter's Pride! How awesome is that??

These needles are serious business-- smooth bamboo, nice points, gold-plated (!) connectors... so lovely to work with. I immediately cast on a little swatch to test them out and I want to keep them a little bit.

Thanks to Stefanie at Stitchcraft Marketing and Knitter's Pride for your generosity!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

WIPs Closet Confessions: The First One

Good evening, and welcome. Please draw up a comfy seat, light your cigar and enjoy a new feature I like to call...

WIPs Closet Confessions

...In which we open up our closet of shame unfinished projects, and talk about them.

Why are they still there? Who were they for? What are they made of? Should we rip 'em out?

I plan on posting every other Thursday, and want you to be a part of it. My friend Laura has agreed to show and tell with us, and hopefully more of you will join in. Use #WIPsCC to label your posts if you want in on this embarrassing, cathartic series!

(WIP, for those of you who are unfamiliar, stands for Work In Progress)

To get us started, here is a blanket I have been working on for, oh I don't know, seven years?

1. What is it?
This is an improvised, bias-knit blanket with a garter stitch border and stockinette stitch on most of it. Super simple. Perfect TV knitting.

2. When did you start it?
7 years ago, give or take

3. What's it for?
 A blanket for our couch, or maybe embiggened a little for our bed.

4. What's it made of?
Rowan Colourscape , which is discontinued. I think I have enough, fingers crossed. It's really pretty and I'm doing some alternating-skeins stripes when I feel like it.

5.Why isn't it done?
Mostly, because it's really hot to knit. Basically it's like having a blanket on you, so... I have to be in the right mood/season for that. Winter knitting tends to be gift knitting, and the blanket gets passed over again and again!
Plus, sometimes I love it and sometimes I think it's a hideous beast. Mostly I really love it, though.

6. What would it take to finish it, at least in time and materials?
Probably 15 hours and another skein or two.

7. Is it worth finishing, or consider ripping it?
Yeah, I'll finish it eventually.

8. Shame scale 1-5 
Probably 2. It's big and bulky so I want to get it done to de-clutter the closet, but I am fine letting this one sleep.


Want to do a Closet Confession? (Yeah you do!) Use these prompts in any way you'd like (do 'em all, pick a couple, do none of them) and let me know what you're up to!

1. What is it? (Pattern, inspiration)
2. When did you start it?
3. What's it for? (who or why)
4. What's it made of?
5.Why isn't it done? (this could take a while)
6. What would it take to finish it, at least in time and materials? (emotional toil notwithstanding)
7. Is it worth finishing, or consider ripping it?
8. Shame scale 1-5 (1 = I'm cool with this situation, 5 = Please no don't look at it, my heart is broken, my life is OVER and we shan't EVEN)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Northern: Pullover Sneak Peek

I've been knitting away on a sweater for our Twin Peaks-inspired collection, Great Northern, and wanted to give you a peek.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to our Kickstarter launch mid-August, Teresa and I will be filling you in on what we've been working on so far.

I completely fell in love with these two colors of Mrs Crosby Steamer Trunk, and knew the vibrant red/black combination would be perfect for a Twin Peaksy pullover. I designed a colorwork pattern and got to work on this sexy raglan -- not two words I use together often... but it applies here!

It's working out really well. The texture is divine, and I love how the pattern looks.

This is my only design for the collection that was not directly inspired by a character's wardrobe. This one has aesthetic elements from the show itself, rather than being an interpretation of a sweater worn by Audrey, Donna, or the Log Lady, who influenced my other designs. 

See you soon with another glimpse...

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Great Northern: Prizes!

We're starting to collect some amazing prizes for our Kickstarter campaign for Great Northern!

In case you missed it, Teresa Gregorio and I are working on a pattern book of sweaters and accessories inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks. We're going to launch a Kickstarter campaign in August, and release the collection next fall. Over the next few weeks, we'll be giving you some peeks at what we're swatching, knitting, and shooting.

Now, on to the REWARDS!

First up, we have some adorable Sweatshop of Love kits from Allyson Dykhuizen.

Allyson also donated some beautiful hand-printed project bags! The bags are from WORK+SHELTER, a very cool organization that provides women in India with a safe, fair-paying work environment.

Throughout the campaign, we'll be posting more and more yarn prizes. This is a skein of Fancy Tiger Heirloom Romney yarn, which will be up for grabs.

Some of our very generous designer friends have donated patterns! We'll be offering ebooks, patterns and print books from Carina Spencer, Shannon Okey, Alex Tinsley, Annika Barranti, Lee Meredith, Bristol Ivy, Jane Richmond, and more! Including Teresa and myself, of course.

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