Friday, March 7, 2014

On Silence

I noticed something today. After about two hours of working in the studio, sunlight streaming in the windows and the humidifier quietly simmering, I realized that I was being unusually productive. My mind felt clear, tasks were started and completed without distraction, everything was just flowing.

What's this about? I asked myself. Usually I struggle with sticking to one duty at a time, and get sucked into thinking about the entirety of my day's work all at once. It's overwhelming, stressful, and counterproductive.

I sat quietly for a moment, pondering what was different today. And then it hit me -- I forgot to turn music on. It was quiet.

Total Aha Moment. I love listening to music while I work... but maybe it's really that I love listening to music. Maybe it's better to save it for mindless tasks like cleaning and cooking and winding yarn. Giving my brain room to breathe in silence has (accidentally) proven to be the key to focusing. In place of my morning caffeine (which, it turns out, leads to migraines), this will have to do.

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