Friday, April 1, 2016

Damn Fine YarnContest Info!

YarnCon is this weekend!!!

Bring your #damnfineyarncontest entries to the contest table on the first floor to enter BEFORE 2pm on Saturday (for the following categories: Accessories, Twin Peaks Prop, and Use of Handspun) or 12pm on Sunday (for Toy and Garment). You CAN bring your entries early! If you want to enter a Sunday category, you can drop it off on Saturday.

For those of you who have some questions, this may help:

YarnCon site
Directions to the show
Damn Fine YarnContest FAQs and Rules
Meet the Judges
What's a Twin Peaks Prop? (and more Twin Peaks props)

I hope to see you there! For those of you playing along at home, follow my instagram for contest posts! Comment and heart your favorite entries to help them win!

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