Thursday, July 30, 2015

WIPs Closet Confessions: A twofer

Good evening. It's time for another installment of ...

WIPs Closet Confessions

...In which we open up our closet of shame unfinished projects, and talk about them.

Why are they still there? Who were they for? What are they made of? Should we rip 'em out?

Joining us this week is my friend Laura, who has a shameful secret in her closet-- the front of a gorgeous sweater! Head over to Laura's blog Doogknits to read her Closet Confession.

As for me, this week, I'm sharing two UFOs. I'm not sure the first one entirely counts, so I decided to share a more embarrassing one too.

1. What is it? The Beekeeper's Quilt by Stephanie Dosen

2. When did you start it? July 2011

3. What's it for? Me, us, our house.

4. What's it made of? Really nice bits and pieces of mostly hand-dyed yarn. It's like a little time capsule of all my other fingering/sport weight projects.

5.Why isn't it done? I'm just working on this on vacation (so basically never), and using really nice yarn, so this should take a while, and I'm ok with it. Besides, I think this was the whole point of this pattern, right? Do it in tiny bits?

6. What would it take to finish it, at least in time and materials? A looong time and lots of yarn I don't have.

7. Is it worth finishing, or consider ripping it? It WILL be finished. Ripping it would be devastating and pointless.

8. Shame scale 1-5: 1. Totally fine with it taking forever and being the perfect travel vacation project.

1. What is it? An orange-knit-cabled-wrap-turned-crochet-scarf/A HOT MESS

2. When did you start it? Probably 2008. It still has guinea pig bedding on it and my guinea pig died when we were still in Los Angeles... sooo...

3. What's it for? Originally, this was going to be a long cabled wrap, made for the yarn store where I used to work. I was supposed to knit it when there was nothing else going on in the store, so I never worked on it after maybe two weeks of trying. It was a busy few years.

4. What's it made of? Malabrigo worsted.

5.Why isn't it done? Weeell, after I left the job and moved, while unpacking in Chicago I found this again and realized it wasn't done. In a fit of wine-fueled-craft-fair prep, I starting crocheting FROM it to make a quick scarf. You can see how well that plan turned out.

6. What would it take to finish it, at least in time and materials? This would take more time and more Malabrigo than I have.

7. Is it worth finishing, or consider ripping it? Yeah, I should probably, actually, finally, rip this thing out.

8. Shame scale 1-5: 3. Pretty embarrassing.


That's it for this edition of WIPs Closet Confessions... stay tuned! I will post every other Thursday, and you're welcome to join in.

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