Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Volcano Cowl knitting pattern

It started with a perpetually chilly neck.

You may be one of those people too-- people who are always cold. Growing up in Wisconsin, there were plenty of ways to deal with the chill: Prodigious piles of mittens, gloves, hats and scarves; fluffy down coats; fleece blankets... heck, when you enter my parents' house, there is a basket of cozy slippers by the door for visitors. 

In some places, people are Prepared. Their houses are properly insulated and they know how to layer.

Living in southern California for the last 5 years, I have become well acquainted with a new phenomenon-- perpetual chilliness in a land known for its warmth and sun. As an Always Cold person, LA nights mean bundling up, even if it never dips below 50 degrees. Because, dudes, our apartment has no insulation.  Friends around the city say the same thing: This place is not Prepared for cold.

Thus, this cowl was born. I wanted something to cover my entire neck, to pull up over my face and head if needed,  that also had a collar of sorts-- something to keep the chill from creeping up through gaps in clothing. A seamless, snuggly, adaptable THING that could be worn out-and-about just as easily as in-bed-with-a-cold. Also, I wanted it to look awesome on everyone. 

When not being worn, the shape confuses people ("Is that a skirt?" "Where's the rest of the sweater?"), but once you stick your head in there, you'll be in love. 

This pattern includes instructions for a one-size-fits-most cowl in two gauges/styles (worsted weight, shown in emerald, and sportweight, shown in mustard). Ravelry info here.

Volcano Cowl knitting pattern


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