Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Scallop Lace Hat Pattern!

Here it is... the perfect use for that single ball of DK-weight yarn that you've been meaning to knit. A classic lace stitch adapted into a slouchy, lacy hat.

This seemed so simple in theory but it took me a while (and quite a few proto-hats) to get the math exactly right.

The ribbing is knit with smallish (US 5) needles and the rest of the hat is knit with larger (US 10) needles for that drapey open fabric look... definitely more SoCal than Snowpocalyspe. Sorry Wisconsin homies, I'll get you next time.

Free pattern: download now


Kitty Wilkin said...

This is beautiful. I love the color, too. I think I look horrible in hats, but I'm determined to knit one that "works". I may just have to try this and see if I can rock it. If not, I'm sure just about anyone I know would love it as a gift. Thanks for the freebie!

Diginan said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern:)

franni1 said...

The hat looks lovely! Especially in the turquoise. (There's a good knitting needle conversion chart at for those not in US who want to start knitting Right Now! )

Unknown said...

Thank you!
Love and Light

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with this pattern 'traveling to the right' at the start point (because of the 'sl2, k1,PSSO' at the 6th repeat). As Rows 1-8 get repeated, the starting point moves further and further to the right. Everything is becoming affected, the beginning stitch, the yo's, etc.... I had to stop making the hat because of this

Leah said...

It's best to use a locking stitch marker to clip onto the centered decrease stitch "line" to avoid the traveling issue.