Thursday, June 4, 2015

TNNA recap!

Last weekend, the yarnfolk gathered in Columbus, OH for the fall 2015 TNNA tradeshow. This bi-annual event is where vendors sell yarn (and other crafty things) to store owners, people from all areas of the industry gather, classes are taught, and all the new designs and products are previewed before they get released to the public.

This was my first TNNA as a full-time designer, and I had a great time. I met some awesome folks, knit (although not as much as you might think), drank tons of beer, and hung out with designer and yarny friends new and old. There were also some meetings in there, too.

Beer flight at Wolf's Ridge, our first "meal"

L to R: Heidi Gustad, Carina Spencer, Allyson Dykhuizen, Me, Teresa Gregorio.

In the mornings, I hung with my friend Heather in her Ewe Ewe Yarns booth. I've worked with Heather's yarn a lot over the years and am a big supporter, so helping her sell it was no problem!

My wrap "Rainbows and Unicorns" in its natural environment

Heather Walpole and me rocking the knitwear

A huge reason that I decided to go to TNNA was that Teresa Gregorio and I are working on a project together, but had never met in person before. Teresa is awesome, and you should check out her designs if you haven't already. We had a very productive, fun time working together and not surprisingly, got a lot more done when we were sitting on the same couch than during our email sessions.

Schemin' (via @canaryknits on instagram)

Filmin' (via @canaryknits on instagram)

You may have heard rumblings about our project (and if you know me or Teresa personally, you certainly have), and we are almost ready to make an official announcement. Stay tuned for that!

Overall, TNNA was a great experience and worth the travel. I had never been to Columbus before and was pleasantly surprised with what it has to offer.

We're working on a YarnTalk episode about the show, so check back for that in a week or so!

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