Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Cropped Sweater From Another Place

Earlier this year, I introduced you to my first sweater pattern from Great Northern, my collaboration with Teresa Gregorio, that will be released next fall. Great Northern is a collection of 10 sweater patterns (and accessories) inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks.

From Another Place, full version

Since the funding of our kickstarter (yaaa!) I have been working on a cropped version of From Another Place in some very different colors.

From Another Place cropped version, modeled by my friend Eilee

This pattern (both versions, along with Teresa's sweater Cherry Pie, will be available for our Kickstarter backers in mid-January! For those of you who didn't pledge on the collection during the Kickstarter, the patterns will also be available for purchase on Ravelry. Head over to our Great Northern Ravelry Group to get the latest.

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