Thursday, October 8, 2015


The countdown ends tomorrow, Friday October 9th at 11pm CST!

Tell your friends and snag the last rewards while they're still there!!!

There are currently only 7 logo bags left at the $32 level, which includes the print book and ebook.

Some other amazing remaining rewards:

Sweatshop of Love Kit/Project Bag - $40

Handspun Merino Yarn - $67

Handknit fingerless gloves, Blue $45, Purple $55, Kid's red $35

Holla Knits Magazine 1 Year Subscription, $55

... and more. Teresa and I have both committed to knit hat, scarves and sweaters for backers at higher levels!

I am happy to combine rewards if you want more than one thing! Email Leah.cs (at gmail dot com).

We're so close! Help us get to 100% and get all your goodies!

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