Monday, May 18, 2015

Taken by the Wind -- New Fringe Shawl pattern!

It's finally here! I have been so excited to share this one with you. My new shawl pattern is inspired by springtime magic and... Stevie Nicks!

Taken by the Wind is a lightweight shawl knit in a loose gauge (for the body) with a lovely lace border and miles of loooong fringe. The fringe part is optional, but really, why wouldn't you want to fringe the heck out of it?

(By the way, don't miss my upcoming post on fringe techniques on Wednesday, part of the Holla Knits Blog Tour!)

No fringe... still adorable!

Feelin' like a superhero

A little short-row shaping, a little lace, a lot of fringe... this one is a lot of fun! Perfect for throwing around your shoulders on a blustery spring day or chilly evening. Witchy magic for any time, any place.

About to jump on my broomstick in 3... 2... 1...

I hope you enjoy this flight of fancy!

The pattern can be found here, click the pic and then scroll down to purchase for $4:

 photo nJu5T51431698715_zpscjhpwzlr.jpg 

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