Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Winter will be Different

So. I have long underwear on, and mixed feelings. I love my long underwear, they're comfy and warm... but wearing them means that Winter Is Coming (or here), which is a little scary.

7 years in southern California made me realize I am not a Winter Person. I just don't like it in long stretches. A week or two? Awesome! Snow is fun! Warm clothes are nice! Four months? Kill me now!

And last winter was BRUTAL. If you live in a place with actual seasons, you know what I'm talking about. It was my first winter back in the midwest, and nearly made me turn right back around again. As a born Wisconsinite, I am ashamed to admit that, but there you go.

But. THIS WINTER IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! It will, because I am going to make it way better. Seasonal Affective Disorder, bite me. Maybe you'll join me in some of these fall/winter activities to make the cold months more enjoyable!

1. Exercise
Warming up from the inside! So far I've instituted a "One Solo Dance Party Per Day" policy, which has been fun. Even when I don't make it to the gym, once a day, I drop what I'm doing and boogie by myself.

2. Weather-Appropriate Crafting
You know what's fun? Making something warm and then wearing it to be warm! Very satisfying.

3. Seeing Family and Friends
We're all in this together! Sharing the time with people you love is key to surviving the long cold dark months.

 4. Tea
Lots of hot drinks. Stay hydrated and happy.

5. Travel
Let's face it, sometimes you just have to get away for a hot minute. I'm planning my February escape to California as we speak.

Do you like the wintertime? How do you handle the cold months? Leave a comment and let me know your tricks!

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