Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Melt - a slouchy hat for all seasons

Can you think of a better yarn for Ruby Submarine to play with than Cephalopod yarns?  

I was lucky enough to receive a sweet little box of mini-skeins of Bugga! from Cephalopod to design something. 

This was quite a long while ago, I am afraid, and my ideas for a design kept changing (at one point I was sketching colorwork mittens), and the little colorful skeins kept getting neglected.

Then we moved across the country. I used bags of yarn as soft, cushiony barriers for some of the fragile items, so unpacking became a fun game of "Oh, hello again fiber!" 

Finally, in Chicago, the Melt slouch hat was born.

(As you can see, two of the colors didn't make it into this version. They're still waiting for their day in the sun.)
This hat is roomy and meshy and soft, perfect for keeping the wind off your ears. It's an all-seasons hat that I have been wearing a lot just to keep my crazy hair under wraps. It can accommodate a lot of hair! 

It was really lovely working with this yarn. (If you're fresh out of mini-skeins you can use leftovers from Bugga socks!)

(Modeled by my lovely friend since childhood, Eilee.)

Experimenting with a different color combination now. I'll post finished pics soon!:

 I hope you enjoy this quick, simple lace knit as much as I have.

Melt slouch hat knitting pattern PDF


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