Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming soon... the Octopus crochet pattern

Oh, little curly arms, how you have long haunted my dreams.

I have churned out many hundred -- actually, over a thousand-- little curly arms for the octopodes I have made over the years. I have loved each and every creature I have created... but. But. I am over-the-moon happy that other people will soon be able to make them too.

Finally. I am finally getting the pattern together, four years after making the first cephalopod as a birthday gift for my dad. I have sent the pattern to June Gilbank, a wonderful tech editor over at Planet June, and after she works her magic and I come up with some images, I will release it into the wild.

My experience with crochet is very experimental and free-form (in fact, all the critters I have made were improvised, and each one was slightly different), so nailing down a precise pattern has been a little tricky. I think I have come up with a formula that consistently creates the shapes I want, and I am pretty happy.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, ghosts of critters past...

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